Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive.... and Dodge!

Unfortunately dodgeball grown a reputation of being a bad game to be played in physical education classes. Parents and administrators have made points that dodgeball has been known to single kids out, as it creates an environment where the so called "un-athletic" kids of the class become primary targets, which also can lead to social problems. The same critics will also tell you that once someone is hit, they are out of the game, completely diminishing their activity time. However, just about any knock made on dodgeball can be argued against as there are many variations that a good physical education teacher can use to eliminate any negative aspects. Instead of a player exiting the game once they are hit, we want them to still be participating. If a player is hit they can go to a designated end-zone behind the other teams side of the court. If balls roll back to them, they can try to hit the players on the other team. This allows players to always be participating even if they get hit. This also makes it harder for those who haven't been hit because they have to worry about getting hit from both sides. This idea of keeping all students participating can be applied in many different ways. As far as kids being hurt, they can be hurt in any game played in a physical education class. It's not right to assume that kids will get hurt playing dodgeball just because there are balls being thrown at them. In addition the balls being used are soft. If you really wanted to avoid any problems of being hit in the head, there can and should be a rule added that prohibits a player from throwing at someone above the chest. Dodgeball is a great game because it involves a wide range of motor movements that are found in all types of sports. You required to throw, catch, run, be able to dodge and use overall agility. Dodgeball is a fun and enthusiastic way for kids to practice these skills. By playing this game maturely and responsibly, it can undoubtedly be a great game to teach children.

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