Sunday, November 8, 2009

CATCH me if you can

I really forgot how entertaining the circus was when I was young. This week, we incorporated a circus theme for the kids at St. Mary's. The kids were in love with the tie-dye wigs that Tim and I were wearing, as they were all trying to take them off our heads and wear them. Amy, another Cortland student who works at St. Mary's, was dressed up as a clown. She got a good rise out of the kids.
The motor movements we focused on were catching and throwing. I worked extensively with 3 kids. The first 2 boys I was playing catch with were very young, about 6 years old. Their throwing skills were more refined than their catching skills. They had a good foundation as far as their throwing mechanics, but it was not very fluid. That will come with practice. This was not the case with their catching skills. At first, it seemed as if they didn’t know how to maximize their hand-eye coordination properly. They were stabbing at the ball instead of trying to get under it and accept it. I showed them basic strategies on how to properly catch a ball. I used cues of extending their arms out properly, making a diamond, and "looking through the window." They immediately got the hang of it. After playing catch for 15 minutes and occasionally critiquing them, they were catching consistently. The third boy's name was Sheridan. He is a 6th grader. He and I have been having a football catch during free-play time for the past few visits. He is able to catch and throw effectively. What I worked on with him was throwing the ball with a tight spiral and accuracy. I showed him how to properly grip the ball around the laces. I also showed him how to properly use his non-throwing arm. This helped his body balance, which caused him to throw the ball more accurately. He told me that he noticed a difference. I had a great feeling at the end of the day as I taught 2 young boys how to catch and helped another boy throw a football effectively. The most rewarding feeling I got came when Sheridan told me that he wants to play on a football team next year. I have been slowly encouraging this idea for the past few weeks during several pep talks that we have had. He finally said he is going to play next year. I feel like I had a positive influence on his view towards the sport of football.

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  1. Yeah, I remember the kids grabbing your guys hair out of your wigs. Don't be scared to let these kids know that you have boundaries too. Don't let them hang all over you and grab out your wig. Beside that, great lab!