Monday, December 14, 2009

PED 201 @ St. Mary's video collage

Fair-well St. Mary's

During our last visit to St. Mary's last week, I got to work with the Pre-K. I was playing some of the same games and playing with some of the same toys that I played with when I was in Pre-K. As I was playing with the kids, I was talking with their teacher and reminiscing about when I was that age and the games I played. My time with the Pre-K was fun, but it was much different from when I was with the older kids. I’m torn between my preferences of age level. I liked working with both age levels, because each had many positives aspects, but there were also negative ones as well. When working with the Pre-K students, they generally were open to the games or activities that we presented to them. Although it was difficult to calm them down to explain a game, it still could be done and generally, they always did what I asked or told them to do. When working with the older kids, it was fun because I could participate with them in games such as basketball, soccer, or football. Although they were more enjoyable to work with, they sometimes refused to give some of the games a chance and would either sit out or disobey the rules of the game or activity.
My experience at St. Mary's has been nothing short of amazing. I have learned a lot and have gained great insight for my own teaching style during my experience at St. Mary's. It has been the jumpstart to learning how to work with kids of the elementary ages and how to work with kids in the most chaotic environment. This has been an informal way to help Cortland students learn how to organize and plan PE related activities. I have learned techniques that are appropriate in handling kids grades Pre K through 6 and have gotten an insight into some games that would be appropriate to perform with kids of these ages. It has been an excellent first step into the world of teaching and has only further encouraged me to better my teaching skills and learn more about how to work with kids and create a teaching style of my own. Not only has the exposure been great, but Professor Yang has done a great job helping us become comfortable working with kids and has provided us with many effective teaching strategies that will certainly be useful for me when I am up in front of the class in a few years.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reflexes! Reflexes! Reflexes!

Prestige Worldwide and the rest of the groups in Professor Yang's PED 201 class performed skits. Each Group was assigned a specific chapter from our curriculum. My Group was assigned to the topic of primitive reflexes. We constructed a remix to Queen's "Bicycle Race" with our lyrics teaching the information from the chapter to our audience. Check out our skit!

The skits were very beneficial to us for several reasons. It was a fun and constructive way to study the information we have been learning. Also, it was a good way to teach, as well as learn, in a non-traditional and fun manner from our peers. Perhaps the most important aspect of the skit productions was that it allowed us to get comfortable in getting up in front of many people and do something that not everyone is necessarily comfortable doing. If we are able to perform a skit for an audience, it makes being up in front of a class and teaching feel like a lot less stressful. The skits were one of Professor Yang's many effective strategies that are not only molding me into becoming a great Physical Educator, but are also tools that I can one day use when I am in his shoes.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

CoTtOn EyEd JoE!

Last week was an interesting day for me at St. Mary’s. I got to go around and help out with all the groups. This was different from my normal routine, because I was able to work with all the kids, Pre-K – 6th grade, in the same day. All the games that the kids were playing had a Thanksgiving theme. The kids really seemed to be getting festive. I guess they just couldn’t wait for their Thursday feast! At the end of the day, I led the class by breaking it down. I used the song “Cotton Eyed Joe.” This is a very catchy song for young kids, probably because there is a dance that goes along with it. I always remember going to hockey games or baseball games when I was in elementary school and hearing the “Cotton Eyed Joe” and all the kids would do the dance. The kids at St. Mary’s really enjoyed it, just like did when I was that age.