Saturday, December 5, 2009

CoTtOn EyEd JoE!

Last week was an interesting day for me at St. Mary’s. I got to go around and help out with all the groups. This was different from my normal routine, because I was able to work with all the kids, Pre-K – 6th grade, in the same day. All the games that the kids were playing had a Thanksgiving theme. The kids really seemed to be getting festive. I guess they just couldn’t wait for their Thursday feast! At the end of the day, I led the class by breaking it down. I used the song “Cotton Eyed Joe.” This is a very catchy song for young kids, probably because there is a dance that goes along with it. I always remember going to hockey games or baseball games when I was in elementary school and hearing the “Cotton Eyed Joe” and all the kids would do the dance. The kids at St. Mary’s really enjoyed it, just like did when I was that age.

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  1. Dance is a great way to get kids moving because even if they don't know how to do the dance they will always try and enjoy making fools of themselves. Great dance!