Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reflexes! Reflexes! Reflexes!

Prestige Worldwide and the rest of the groups in Professor Yang's PED 201 class performed skits. Each Group was assigned a specific chapter from our curriculum. My Group was assigned to the topic of primitive reflexes. We constructed a remix to Queen's "Bicycle Race" with our lyrics teaching the information from the chapter to our audience. Check out our skit!

The skits were very beneficial to us for several reasons. It was a fun and constructive way to study the information we have been learning. Also, it was a good way to teach, as well as learn, in a non-traditional and fun manner from our peers. Perhaps the most important aspect of the skit productions was that it allowed us to get comfortable in getting up in front of many people and do something that not everyone is necessarily comfortable doing. If we are able to perform a skit for an audience, it makes being up in front of a class and teaching feel like a lot less stressful. The skits were one of Professor Yang's many effective strategies that are not only molding me into becoming a great Physical Educator, but are also tools that I can one day use when I am in his shoes.

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